Let's achieve your goals together

Who I Am

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and provide psychotherapy to families, couples and individuals of all ages; specializing in treatment of adolescents and young adults.

What I Do

I provide a safe, supportive therapeutic experience so that my clients feel comfortable addressing all their concerns and exploring the feelings, thoughts and behaviors causing distress in order to overcome challenges and achieve personal goals.

How I Help

Life is full of challenges that can leave us feeling overwhelmed. I will work to provide you with a safe individualized therapeutic experience where you can address areas of concern, work on different challenges, while working towards your goals and addressing your needs, achieving your ultimate happiness.

Let's achieve your goals. Together.

What to expect

learn how therapy works

Achieve Awareness

Achieving awareness and insight will allow you to access your inner strengths and enable you to make healthier life choices. I will also provide you with concrete tools and techniques for you to reach your full potential. With an array of professional and educational experience, my goal is to help you identify, understand, and work through what is troubling you the most.

Honor Your Commitment

I understand that the choice to engage in psychotherapy is an important one and that participation in therapy requires a commitment of money, time and energy. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in achieving your goals and I am determined to honor your commitment!

Seek Satisfaction

My goal is to help you make changes in your life where you are always seeking greater satisfaction. Let’s discover the best version of yourself together! To start achieving your goals or to obtain more information, please feel free contact me directly at (310)736-1879.

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