Palos Verdes Substance Abuse Counselor

Palos Verdes Substance Abuse Counselor

Is drug abuse taking a toll on your life? Have you experienced any of the major impacts it can have on your life? This includes a physical decline in health, difficulty in maintaining focus on school or work, strained relationships with friend or family, or financial stress. If you are experiencing these problems due to a substance abuse issue, you should seek Irina Jodzio Therapy, a Palos Verdes addiction therapy center to find treatment and help for your mental health problem and fix the problems that it has created. You do not have to face recovery on your own.

Therapy for substance abuse and addiction is focused on uniquely addressing your particular situation. Our professionals will find the right methods and techniques that best suit the needs you have for recovery. Substance abuse is a problem that stems from multiple origins, and our counselors will work to pinpoint the origins and fix the root of the problem, instead of just the problem with the substance. In counseling at our center, you will focus on learning new coping mechanisms to prevent more self-destructive behaviors in the future. These coping mechanisms will help you to handle the negative aspects of daily life, rather than turning to drugs as a way out. This creates a healthier way to resolve issues and prevents future drug use.

Best Substance Abuse Counselor in Palos Verdes

We aim to provide you with a safe and supportive community. Our counseling center is meant to be neutral ground, and we aim not to pass judgment in any way. We encourage family involvement and providing you with a safe environment to interact is proven helpful. At our center, we can work with your family members to teach them the appropriate response and reactions to helping your recovery in a judgment free zone. Involving family can help them to heal, as well.

Working with a Palos Verdes substance abuse counselor, like Irina Jodzio Therapy will also allow you to start fixing the problems that your addiction has caused. With seeking treatment and starting on the road to recovery, you can also begin to mend your relationships. Counseling doesn’t just help you with recovering from substance abuse; it can also contribute to fix many of the things that were negatively impacted by the addiction issue. Our counselors aim to help you find solutions to mend your relationships, deal with your financial struggles, and difficulties at work or school.

Counseling can provide many benefits for recovery from substance abuse and addiction. With our help, you will learn better coping strategies and pinpoint the root of the problem to prevent future drug use and relapse. We provide you with a safe environment and encourage family involvement in your journey. We will also help to fix all of the other problems that your addiction has caused. No one should have to seek recovery alone, and the best way to do it is with the help of our trained professional. Get in touch with Palos Verdes Addiction Counseling at the Irina Jodzio Therapy Center to start on your road to recovery and mending your relationships today.

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