Manhattan Beach Substance Abuse Counselor

Manhattan Beach Substance Abuse Counselor

There are a lot of issues people face in their daily lives. Some are dealing with depression, others with financial struggles, and there are many who struggle with addiction. Substance abuse is a mental health issue that can be difficult to deal with, especially on your own. That’s why it is recommended to seek Manhattan Beach Substance Abuse Therapy, as the specialists at Irina Jodzio Therapy. We are individuals at a therapy center who aims is to help you with the struggles you may have, including addiction.

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse is categorized as the unlawful habitual use of a drug. This could mean purchasing an illegal substance, taking prescribed medications, or abusing a prescription. Substance abuse occurs when the reliance on the excessive use of a drug impairs everyday functioning. Many things can have an impact on the misuse of a drug. This includes complicated relationships, struggles financially, a decline in physical health, and many other problems. Sometimes, one may find themselves becoming dependent on a drug after seeking medical help, even just taking the prescribed dosage.

There is no shame in admitting you may have a problem with substance abuse, and discovering a Manhattan Beach addiction counseling center is one of the best ways to combat addiction, with the help of an expert professional. We know the right techniques to help conquer substance abuse and are here to make your journey toward recovery better. We find a method that is tailored to your struggles with drug addiction. This can include making a list of goals, learning better coping skills, and finding other means of support. Our approaches range from cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing therapy, to a 12-step program. Each of these methods is proven effective, and we will find a combination that fits you as an individual.


The most important thing about a Manhattan Beach substance abuse counselor is that they provide a safe environment to be in. We aim to provide this kind of environment for all our patients.We are not here to judge or persecute you, and we treat you as a human being! With the therapeutic environment we provide, we encourage positive involvement from close family and friends in the treatment towards recovery from addiction. This is key in creating the best road to recovery because family and friends can provide a supporting and encouraging environment for you.

Counselors and therapy are imperative when trying to conquer an addiction. Without the help of trained and skilled professionals to guide you through specific, tailor-fit methods, the road will be much harder and less successful. They provide you with a safe and supportive environment to best help recovery and make sure that you will feel respected and treated as an equal. At Irina Jodzio Therapy, the aim to assist you with your struggles of addiction and improve your overall quality of life is of utmost importance. Call now to start on your path of recovery and work with an expert counselor towards a healthy and manageable lifestyle!

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