Hermosa Beach Substance Abuse Counselor

Hermosa Beach Substance Abuse Counselor

Addiction is a tough mental health issue, and no one should have to face it alone. Having a support system and professional help can make the journey to recovery much easier. Hermosa Beach addiction counseling, like at Irina Jodzio Therapy is best recommended to find a professional who will know the right methods and approaches to help you in recovery. These include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing therapy, 12 step programs, and many others. Drug abuse can have major impacts on one’s life, including straining relationships with friends and family, having difficulties performing at work or school, and having physical declines in health. It’s important to seek treatment right away.

Why IJ Therapy in Hermosa Beach?

With the Hermosa Beach substance abuse therapy, there are various forms of treatments that may be used to treat the mental health issue of addiction. Our counselor Irina Jodzio Therapy will find a method that is tailor-fit to your needs in seeking treatment. This may include a combination of techniques.

One of these methods is cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most common method used in treating mental health issues because it works to fix self-destructive behaviors, which typically are what lead to relapse. This treatment method can help you learn new techniques for coping that are less damaging. The purpose of this treatment is to change one’s behaviors regarding coping and substance use.

Another therapy our counselors use is motivational interviewing therapy. This type of treatment focuses on facilitating one’s change processes. Our therapist’s intention is to empower you and have you envision and demonstrate your process of change. Our aim through using motivational interviewing is to find motivation for you to make a change in your life with positive decisions. The therapists at our office will focus on helping you to decipher what your motivations for overcoming drug abuse are.

The 12 step programs are some of the most common methods used for those seeking treatment for addiction. They have been presented in many forms, from narcotics anonymous to alcoholics anonymous. There are 12 step programs for all forms of addiction. This type of treatment encourages new and healthy relationships to develop with others who have dealt with similar issues. The program creates a supportive and positive environment for your recovery. It is helpful to talk with the other individuals who can relate to the issues at hand. It typically is a program combined with another form of treatment with a personal counselor.

Drug addiction therapy can be a significant factor in overcoming your substance abuse. Finding help with a Hermosa Beach substance abuse counselor can significantly improve your journey towards recovery. Here at Irina Jodzio Therapy, we can provide you with someone to hold you accountable, and someone who will determine the type of treatment that would best suit you in your recovery. This will typically include an individual treatment with one of our counselors, as well as a 12 step program with a community of supportive and relatable persons who are overcoming the same issues as you. Seeking help for substance abuse with us is better for conquering addiction than trying to do it on your own. Call now to start your journey toward recovery!

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