Palos Verdes Couples Counseling

Palos Verdes Couples Counseling

Conflict within relationships, especially between couples, is inevitable but even so, it can be very discouraging. Although you and your partner may still be very much in love, any degree of conflict tends to raise doubts, and resentment can build up from all words left unsaid. Different couples communicate in various ways, but communication itself is key to any successful relationship. Attending couples counseling is a way for you and your partner to do some problem-solving and learn skills to further strengthen your relationship through a promotion of more efficient communication, mutual trust, and understanding.

Irina Jodzio Therapy is a counseling service that specializes in couples counseling. Not every couple seeking Palos Verdes couples counseling may be married or in a committed relationship. Couples in any stage of their relationship can receive benefit. Participating in therapy with your partner can help improve upon more hard parts of your relationship and/or create a foundation for a happy and healthy one. Conflict within relationships offers an opportunity for growth and can even help you and your partner address problems hidden under the surface.

Couples Counseling in Palos Verdes

Some common problems that prompt couples to seek and emotionally invest in Palos Verdes marriage counseling, or couples counseling in general, include:
Infidelity or Cheating
● Ineffective communication
● Depression or anxiety within relationships
● Dysfunction and lack of intimacy both in sexual situations and others

Counseling can act as an efficient way of finding the resolution to any conflict within your relationship. Even couples in happy, close relationships can benefit. The work done in this couples therapy may not always be problem-solving, but looking to improve intimacy and other fundamental aspects of relationships. Premarital couples seeking Palos Verde’s couples therapy may particularly benefit from therapeutic services that focus on forming healthy bonds between partners so they can look forward to experiencing a happy, lasting marriage.

Those of us at Irina Jodzio Therapy utilize several popular approaches in our couples counseling services. Using more than one technique optimizes the benefits by allowing you and your partner to address multiple facets of your relationship. One method we utilize, for instance, is the Gottman method, which focuses on increasing reliability within relationships, effective communication, and support through the unique incorporation of the nine strong components of healthy relationships. Enhancing intimacy between you and your partner can also prove beneficial in building a healthy connection and foundation of mutual respect and support for one another, not just as romantic partners but friends. Behavior modification can additionally be utilized to explore more real conflicts such as self-sabotaging and abusive acts within your relationship that can lead to a buildup of resentment and hostility. Abusive situations may seem a lost cause, but with effective therapy, even very broken relationships can be mended and build a foundation for mutual respect, appreciation, and love.

If you and your partner in the Palo Verdes area are looking to mend conflict and successfully develop key components of your relationship, call Irina Jodzio Therapy today to make an appointment!

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