Manhattan Beach Couples Counseling

Manhattan Beach Couples Counseling

If you are not satisfied within your relationship, are experiencing conflict you feel unable to resolve on your own, or are otherwise looking to build a healthier foundation of communication and understanding between you and your partner, we are here to help! Those of us at Irina Jodzio Therapy, as available Manhattan Beach couples therapy providers, are equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to get you through this troubling time. With a specialty in couples counseling, Irina Jodzio Therapy offers services to couples at any stage of their relationship. No matter whether you are in a committed relationship – married, engaged, in a serious relationship – or in the early stages, couples therapy can be hugely beneficial to strengthening the emotional bond between you and your partner.

We utilize several different reputable therapeutic techniques and methods to ensure that multiple components of your relationship can be addressed from different angles. This allows a thorough look at what is and is not working in your relationship, and can address both any issues that are creating distance between you and your partner.

Best Couples Counseling Therapy in Manhattan Beach

One technique we use, for instance, is the Gottman method, which focuses on incorporating the nine essential components of a healthy relationship into your own. This approach is based on strengthening communication between you and your partner and learning to support each other’s goals better to work through conflict as a couple united. Effective communication has been shown to be key to having a long-lasting, healthy, and happy marriage for those that are either in that stage of their relationship and considering Manhattan Beach marriage counseling or see it as becoming a plausible step in the future.

Furthermore, we employ techniques of behavior modification – which explores more tangible actions that are creating conflict to repair even the most damaged relationships. This includes abusive or self-sabotaging behaviors. One important thing to keep in mind is that there is hope, and seeking Manhattan Beach couples counseling can be a useful pursuit that will strengthen not only your relationship with your partner but with yourself as well.

Enhancing intimacy between partners is also a crucial step in the course of couples counseling. This means more than just exploring sexual relations, but expressing commitment to strengthening the emotional bond between you and your partner by building upon your friendship and affection for one another. Allotting time to explore the parts you love and appreciate about one another is key to creating a lasting relationship that is healthy for both parties.

Common problems that prompt couples to seek Irina Jodzio Therapy include:

● Lack of effective communication and mistrust
● Depression or anxiety within the relationship
● Adultery or cheating
● Stress
● Lack of passion or sexual dysfunction

But any issue that you believe is negatively affecting your relationship deserves exploration, and attending counseling together offers only beneficial results to the development of your relationship. Also, couples counseling can be an excellent addition to links that are already happy and satisfactory by providing new skills to each partner to further develop communication and respect.

If you and/or your partner are looking to improve upon your relationship or resolve conflict, call Irina Jodzio Therapy today to make an appointment!

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