Hermosa Beach Couples Counseling

Hermosa Beach Couples Counseling

Every couple experiences conflict at one point or another or have things within the relationship they wish to improve upon, and sometimes an additional perspective can be hugely beneficial to enhancing these couple relations. Those of us at Irina Jodzio Therapy work with couples in various stages of their relationship that are seeking Hermosa Beach couples therapy to improve communication skills, work through any conflict they may be experiencing, rebuild connections, or build foundations of mutual respect, trust, and admiration for one another.

When couples begin searching for Hermosa Beach marriage counseling, it may be for one of these common problems:
● Infidelity or Cheating
● Unrealistic standards for one another
● Ineffective communication
● Depression and anxiety within relationships, experienced by either one or both of the individuals
● Dysfunction in sexual matters or other issues involving intimacy

Why IJ Therapy For Couples Counseling in Hermosa Beach?

Of course, there are numerous reasons why a couple may be seeking Hermosa Beach couples counseling, and any concern you have is worth exploring. Couples in dysfunctional or even happy relationships can benefit from attending relationship counseling, and because the providers at Irina Jodzio Therapy are specialized in counseling couples, we have the experience and insight to you and your partner resolve conflict and expertise growth within your relationship.

At Irina Jodzio Therapy, we utilize several different reputable therapeutic techniques to explore multiple components within relationships, each with a specialized focus. Having the advantage of multiple angles from which to view these facets optimizes the potential for successful growth and development.Even those in very broken relationships may feel as though their relationship is a lost cause, but through a technique called behavior modification especially – just one of several used by Irina Jodzio Therapy counselors – couples can work to problem-solve tangible actions that have created conflict, including those abusive. Couples counseling looks at the actions and attitudes of both you and your partner so as to encourage healthy attitudes towards one another and promote harmony within your relationship.

A second technique we employ, the Gottman method, emphasizes the 9-components of healthy relationships. This method involves placing an emphasis on the improvement of communication skills, encouragement of mutual support, and helping both you and your partner to view each other as reliable, loving companions. Effective communication is a fundamental component to building the foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

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