Palos Verdes Young Adult & Adolescent Therapy

Palos Verdes Young Adult & Adolescent Therapy

Teens and young adults today are facing so many new challenges that could impact their mental and emotional well-being. Some young people find themselves facing major depression and anxiety without a clue on how to navigate these feelings. Many face academic difficulties or problems surrounding their body image. Not to mention the pressure that could be brought on by peers or even by the need to be successful. These types of issues can put a heavy psychological burden on a young person. But they don’t have to navigate these feelings alone. With Palos Verde’s teen counseling, these young adults can learn new and efficient ways to deal with these trying issues and overcome the toxic emotions that threaten their healthy development.

Palos Verdes Young Adult Therapy

Irina Jodzio Therapy has an office conveniently located in Palos Verdes where we can meet with our clients and work with them to treat the issues that could be causing them mental stress. We strive to offer a safe and comfortable environment so that our customers feel secure enough to discuss these feelings with us openly. This is important when working with teens. Because it is important to remember that teens are still developing mentally. Teens tend to be more impulsive than their adult counterparts and are still forming the portion of their brain that deals with emotional regulation. They view and process the world around them a lot differently at this stage in their life then they would if they were older. Even communicating effectively can be a task for them. So, tactics that would work with adults might not be as effective when treating a younger age group. With our many years of experience working with adolescents, we understand these differences, and we know what it takes to help our young clients through their ordeal.

Palos Adolescent Therapy

We also understand that it isn’t enough to just make a patient feel supported in the office. It’s also important to mend any conflict that could be arising at home so that our client feels the support of their family as well. The goal is to bring the customer to a place mentally where they can move more confidently through life while handling their stress in a healthy way.With our guidance, time, and a strong family unit behind them this feat can be accomplished.
Providing Palos Verdes family counseling and teen counseling is a passion of ours and guiding our clients down the road they need to achieve happiness is our goal. We work with our customers and their families to provide the best service in Palos Verdes. We understand that choosing to undergo therapy isn’t the easiest first step to take. But we try to make it as easy as possible by finding what fits the unique needs of the client and offering a supportive and caring experience coupled with our expertise in the field. So, if you or someone you know needs a Palos Verdes child therapist, call Irina Jodzio Therapy today!

We are here to help our clients realize their full potential.


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