Manhattan Beach Adolescent & Young Adult Therapy

Manhattan Beach Adolescent & Young Adult Therapy

Going through therapy can be a hard first step, but at times it is the necessary first step to recovery. This can be especially true for teens and young adults. Overcoming the pressures of everyday life and the anxiety it causes isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. But the good news is that they don’t have to go through it alone. We offer services that can help them process these feelings and begin healing for those suffering from issues that require some additional counseling and therapeutic help.

There are many problems plaguing families and adolescents in California, but it should be a comfort to parents to know that they won’t have to go far to seek out the help their family needs to combat these many trying issues.We are conveniently located just miles from Los Angeles International Airport in the Manhattan Beach area, and we can assist with a broad range of problems.

Why Irina for Manhattan Beach Adolescent & Young Adult Therapy?

We specialize in providing Manhattan Beach teen counseling and young adult counseling. Young people view the world much differently from their adult counterparts. This is because they haven’t reached full developmental maturity and most likely won’t until their mid-20’s. Not only that but teens are still having problems dealing with the regulation of their emotions. They are far more liable to act on impulse at this stage in life than they would if they were later in their years. Therefore, their treatment must be specific to them and their way of thinking. We have years of experience in Manhattan Beach family counseling and teen counseling during this pivotal time in their life. And at our office, we offer the security and assurance they need to allow them to express the feelings they have openly. With time, we can help them navigate this confusing time and assist them to overcome the various issues they may encounter in their day to day lives.

Though counseling isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when traveling to the Manhattan Beach area. This city is home to one of our offices. And we are committed to offering the best counseling services in the city. With us, helping teens and families is one of our many passions, and we work with our clients to set proper expectations and boundaries, find effective ways to communicate, all while integrating the family unit and keeping them involved. This method allows for our young clients to learn and develop into well-rounded individuals.

We understand that seeking help is hard. The first thing we do with our young clients find what they view as dissatisfying about their life. It’s important that the feel heard and supported. That way, they can begin their healing and make decisions that are best for their healthy growth. It may not happen overnight, but the changes that are done will surely help our clients shape their future to what they want it to be. So, if you or someone you know needs a Manhattan Beach child therapist, call us at Irina Jodzio Therapy today.

We’re here to help our clients thrive!

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