Hermosa Beach Adolescent & Young Adult Therapy

Hermosa Beach Adolescent & Young Adult Therapy

Hermosa Beach isn’t just home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Southwest California. It is also home to one of the several offices that we use to help counsel adolescents and young adults who are having a hard time. Many youths today are dealing with a lot of stress and the anxiety that so often comes when confronted with issues during this stage of their life. We provide expert Hermosa Beach teen counseling services to these young people in need. There are so many problems that threaten to tear at the fabric of family life in California, but with our assistance, we can provide families with the tools they need to not only mend their home environment but also to help parents get on the same page with their teenager so that all members can feel supported. That way steps can be taken to help these young people develop into thriving individuals.
Teens are caught in a strange transitional period where they are physically mature, but mentally still developing. They find themselves constantly trying to understand this change in their position about their families. And when this is accompanied with the stresses brought on by their school, social lives, and teens usually having a hard verbalizing, the communication between parents and their teen can become strained. A few major issues that plague young adults today is depression and clinical anxiety. Counseling can help teens experiencing these problems learn to cope and ultimately overcome these feelings, but it takes a safe environment. We provide our clients with that secure realm they need to express how they feel during this confusing time openly. And with their family’s support, we can get these young adults the help they require. With time, they can develop the confidence and security required to proceed successfully into the next phase of life.

Best Adolescent & Young Adult Therapy in Hermosa Beach

This isn’t a task that can be undertaken by just any Hermosa Beach child therapist. What separates us from others in the area is the fact that we have been working with teens and young adults for years. We understand just how their thinking differs from that of an adult in their late twenties. Knowing how they think gives us insight on how to reach these troubled youths so that we can provide them with the best treatment for the variety of issues they could be experiencing.
Counseling is a big step to undergo, but our clients won’t go through it alone. We attempt to not only make it a supportive experience inside the office, but we also work to heal the family unit so that our clients have the support they need at home as well. It’s through this collaborative effort that with time will allow us to see significant changes take place in our client’s life. So, if you or someone you know needs a child therapist in the Hermosa Beach area call us at Irina Jodzio Therapy today. With our Hermosa Beach family counseling and teen counseling services, we can help troubled young adults realize their full potential and bring disjointed families closer together.

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